Mass Production of Apple's Mixed-Reality Headset Said to Begin in March 2023

Apple is moving forward on development of its mixed-reality headset with Pegatron set to be the exclusive partner for final assembly, according to DigiTimes. Based on the headset's current status in the manufacturing validation process, the report predicts that mass production is likely to begin in March 2023 with an unveiling possibly being held the following month.

apple mixed reality headset mockup feature blue
Initial production is said to be very limited, with a high price point limiting Apple's first headset mainly to commercial markets.

Industry sources stated this XR headset mainly targets the commercial markets. The price is higher and the shipment quantity is limited. Previous estimates said that the annual shipment for this device would reach 2.5 million units. However, right now, rough estimates placed the annual shipment at around 0.7 to 0.8 million units. For supply chain manufacturers that benefit from quantity, this is not a particularly profitable order.

Despite low profitability on production of the initial headset, Apple's manufacturing partners are said to be willing to work with Apple on the project to prove their technical capabilities so they will be well positioned for future AR/VR products. Apple's brand recognition also makes it easier for the firms to raise money in capital markets to fund their activities.

Apple has been working on augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality headsets for a number of years, but has reportedly faced some development struggles that have slowed its progress. While earlier rumors had suggested Apple might show off the headset at some point during 2022, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in June that Apple would likely target a January 2023 introduction.

Today's report from DigiTimes may not necessarily significantly differ from Kuo's, as Kuo suggested that pre-orders would not begin until the second quarter of 2023 with shipments beginning by WWDC in June.

Consequently, both Kuo and ‌DigiTimes‌ appear to be citing similar time frames for mass production, with differences in expected introduction timing (January for Kuo and April for ‌DigiTimes‌) coming down to Apple's preference for how much lead time to give developers before the headset begins shipping.

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ian87w Avatar
8 months ago
The rumor that keeps on going but never gives. :D
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Mr. Dee Avatar
8 months ago
I was hoping to win the Power Ball so I could waste money on this. Sigh...
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Kierkegaarden Avatar
8 months ago
A January event for this still makes sense — they need to get this in the hands of developers, so being available by the third quarter would work out to give developers time before WWDC.

I also think they are vastly underestimating interest in this product — guessing they will be backordered for many months.
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DelayedGratificationGene Avatar
8 months ago
The importance of AR cannot be overstated as Tim has called AR “critical” to Apple. “Critical” means it’s of vital importance thst the product is a success. This is why it will be bigger than iPhone.
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Born Again Avatar
8 months ago
“AR/VR sucks!! It’s a fad!!! Nobody wants this!! I get dizzy! Wahhh!!” - Macrumors user 2022

“Take my money Apple!!!” - Macrumors user 2023
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Nicky G Avatar
8 months ago
I might buy one.
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