Netflix Apple TV App Now Uses Redesigned tvOS 15 Video Player

Netflix is currently in the process of rolling out an update to its Apple TV app, introducing support for the tvOS 15 player. As noted on Reddit and Twitter (via 9to5Mac), the updated interface began appearing on Apple TVs earlier this week in version 2.1.23 of the app.

netflix 4
The tvOS 15 native player displays show and movie titles in a larger type on the bottom of the screen above the playback bar. There's also an updated information button that displays details about the content, run time, and subtitles, and more.

With this change, there is no longer an option to swipe down to access subtitles, language, sound output settings, and more, as the native tvOS 15 video player interface does not use that layout.

Some other streaming services like HBO Max also use the same native player, so the interface will feel familiar to those who already use apps that support the tvOS 15 player. Other apps like Amazon Prime Video continue to use their own interfaces and have not adopted support for the native player.

‌Apple TV‌ apps update automatically, so users should begin seeing the updated Netflix interface soon.

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Top Rated Comments

LivingMyBeachLife Avatar
15 months ago

Yes but will it stop logging us out? Every. Single. Time.
US ???? This maybe isolated to you. I've never been logged out Netflix on my AppleTV. Are you sharing your account or using a shared account?
Score: 38 Votes (Like | Disagree)
iMatt. Avatar
15 months ago
Just need TV app integration now
Score: 33 Votes (Like | Disagree)
LivingMyBeachLife Avatar
15 months ago
I hope they consider supporting the "Up Next" feature.
Score: 26 Votes (Like | Disagree)
szw-mapple fan Avatar
15 months ago
Apple should force every app to use this. Some apps' navigation and UI are simply atrociously bad. Looking at you Youtube.
Score: 25 Votes (Like | Disagree)
jbpiv3 Avatar
15 months ago
I just want Netflix integrated into the TV app… it honestly only hurts them because Netflix shows go on the back burner for us because they are not apart of the up next so we tend to forget about them
Score: 22 Votes (Like | Disagree)
fredrik9 Avatar
15 months ago
I think the swipe down option was better. Now I am usually juat confused trying to change any in-film settings. This is an example of Apple’s sometimes clumsy way of destroying something that worked beautifully. The first tvOS releases a couple of years ago were awesome, swipe down and boom: everything worked. Then, around two years ago, they destroyed the interface by making the highlight color impossible to see. You didn’t know what was highlighted and it became frustrating to use. Now Apple moved everything to the bottom in an effort to make it simple but instead made it very hard to know exactly what all those small symbols really meant and they are also hard to click properly without clicking something you never meant to click. This is with the old remote of course. If they had just kept their original way, everything would’ve been satisfactory.
Score: 22 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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