OWC this week announced a neat and tidy solution for quickly disconnecting multiple drives from any OWC dock, with the release of a free Dock Ejector utility.

owc dock line up
The Mac app lives silently in your menu bar and allows you to safely eject all drives connected to your OWC dock with a single click, ensuring all data has been written before any disk is unmounted.

We've experienced a couple of occasions where drives have disconnected sluggishly from a 14-port OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock (reviewed here), one of which resulted in fragmented data, so this free app is certainly a welcome one.

We tested Dock Ejector on a multi-disk Mac workstation using the above dock – as well as the older OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock – and found it to work well. The one-click function removes the tedium of undocking devices one at a time before you can disconnect your Mac, and the utility lets you know when it's safe to unplug the dock.

The app is compatible with all OWC docks, according to the company, including its 10-port USB-C Dock and five-port USB-C Travel Dock.

The Dock Ejector utility is compatible with Mac and Windows and can be downloaded for free from the OWC website. [Direct Link]

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manu chao Avatar
60 months ago
Shift/Cmd-clicking them all in the Finder isn't too hard, is it? Undocking them one at a time just sounds painful...

Well, a free convenience app is fine by me, but it would be nice if it could eject more than just anything connected to their own docks, though.
The (menubar) app Mountain ('http://appgineers.de/mountain/') can eject all drives. By default it combines it with putting the computer to sleep (which might be a common action with laptops) but you can create a hotkey for only ejecting all drives.
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ikramerica Avatar
60 months ago
OWC is really late to the game on this. I have a thinderbolt 1 dock by CalDigit that I got years ago and it shipped with this feature.
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ignatius345 Avatar
60 months ago
Or just use Alfred ('https://www.alfredapp.com') and type "eject all" -- works no matter who makes your drives or dock or whatever.

Alfred is basically the first thing I install on any Mac I have to deal with.
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nutmac Avatar
60 months ago
The (menubar) app Mountain ('http://appgineers.de/mountain/') can eject all drives. By default it combines it with putting the computer to sleep (which might be a common action with laptops) but you can create a hotkey for only ejecting all drives.
I second the recommendation for Mountain app.

I configured Shift + Command + E to eject all external volumes and Shift + Command + S to eject all volumes and sleep. The app uses very little memory (less than 50 MB) and CPU resource (0% at idle, less than 1% in use).
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nutmac Avatar
60 months ago
50MB of RAM (memory), or 50MB of disk storage? There's a difference. If a disk ejector was consuming 50MB of RAM while not doing anything and only used 0.001% of the time, I'd say that was rather wasteful.
Less than 50 MB RAM. It's currently using 39 MB at the moment. And it's not exactly doing nothing as it notifies when volumes become available or unmount, keep track of volumes, can unmount volumes if your computer goes to sleep (as well as remount as it wakes up), and allowing keyboard shortcuts for managing volumes.
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Marco Klobas Avatar
19 months ago
As per OWC Dock Ejector Help:

Uninstalling OWC Dock Ejector

To uninstall OWC Dock Ejector, download OWC Dock Ejector Installer from here ('https://www.owcdigital.com/products/dock-ejector'). Once it has downloaded, run the installer, go to “OWC Dock Ejector Installer” in the menu bar, and select “Uninstall”. This will stop OWC Dock Ejector from running and move it to trash.

NOTE: This process will also uninstall OWC Dock Charging Support driver.
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