Apple Quietly Updates AirPods Firmware to Version 3.5.1

Apple today quietly put out a firmware update for the AirPods, bumping the Bluetooth headphones from version 3.3.1 to 3.5.1, as spotted by a user on Reddit. The update to AirPods is automatic for any AirPods in their Charging Case and connected to a nearby iOS device. After making sure the AirPods are connected, users can check their current firmware version by going to the Settings app on iPhone > General > About > AirPods.

It's not clear what the 3.5.1 update covers due to its silent release and a lack of specific patch notes, but the AirPods have faced a number of complaints over the past few weeks that the new firmware version could potentially be addressing. Mainly, there have been a number of user complaints regarding battery drain issues with the AirPods and the Charging Case, as well as dropped Bluetooth connections when on phone calls on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices.

AirPods launched in December to largely positive reviews from users praising their ease of connectivity with iOS devices, thanks to the W1 chip, as well as their sound quality. Since the launch, the AirPods have been hard to come by both online and in Apple retail stores, with current shipping estimates on sitting at the six week mark, arriving mid-March if users order today.

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37 months ago
Gotta love a world where headphones and refrigerators need software updates.
Rating: 37 Votes
37 months ago
Does this update fix them falling out of my ears?? Fingers crossed
Rating: 25 Votes
37 months ago
Amazing that people don't realize there is software in a wireless device.
Rating: 20 Votes
37 months ago
Does this fix the issue of modern music sounding terrible?
Rating: 17 Votes
37 months ago

So now there is an OS in ear-pods, amazing

That's actually a very good thing since they can fix any issues via firmware update such as this..
Rating: 15 Votes
37 months ago

Gotta love a world where headphones and refrigerators need software updates.

Ah yes, we all miss the good old days when the only way to improve a product you already purchased was to buy another one.
Rating: 15 Votes
37 months ago

>The update to AirPods is automatic for any AirPods in their Charging Case and connected to a nearby iOS device.

When I put my AirPods in the charging case they disconnect from my iPhone. Still on 3.3.1


I put them in my charging case and opened it, so it remains connected. Still 3.3.1 though =/.

Mine updated in less than 15 seconds
1: Leave Airpods in case with case open
2: Verify Airpods are connected in Bluetooth settings
3: Go to Settings/General/About and look at for Airpods, which should appear immediately after SEID

I stayed on the General/About screen for a about 10 seconds, and my Airpods disappeared from the screen.
15 seconds later they reappeared with the updated firmware

EDIT: Subsequent to posting the above some posters further down have some additional info
Poster Jaekae post 53:

For those who cant update just listen to some music on them and after a while the music pause and airpods reconnects and you have the new firmware

Poster Return Zero post 71

Yup, that's exactly what I did and got the same result, with one caveat... Mine were plugged in, and didn't seem to update until the case's battery was charged over 50%. Maybe it was just random chance on the timing of that, but they seemed to update as soon as they were charged up to the halfway point. I suppose YMMV here.
EDIT: I am running the latest beta.

Side note: My Airpod case was at 53% when I did the update.
Rating: 14 Votes
37 months ago

I'm passing on the Air Pods they do not look appealing to me and I assume they are just as uncomfortable as the ones Apple send with the phones.

Keep us updated!
Rating: 10 Votes
37 months ago

I finnily done it, does anyone know whats changed

Airpods now have a dark mode
Rating: 9 Votes
37 months ago

At least one Airpod has to be in your ear for it to appear

Not true. They can be in the case with the case open.
Rating: 7 Votes

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