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Apple Shares 'A Great Big Universe' iPad Pro Ad Ahead of Launch

Apple today launched a new ad for the iPad Pro, entitled "A Great Big Universe." The ad depicts a gorgeous and detailed close up of the solar system, which zooms out to show that it's actually being displayed on the iPad Pro's Retina display. According to The Verge, the ad will premiere on TV tonight during Monday Night Football.

There's a great big universe in the new iPad Pro. It's the largest iPad ever and takes your creativity and productivity to an epic scale.
The new iPad Pro ad comes just two days before Apple will began accepting orders for the device. This morning, Apple announced orders would begin online on Wednesday, November 11, with the iPad Pro available in stores later in the week.

Pricing for the iPad Pro starts at $799 for the entry-level 32GB Wi-Fi only model. A 128GB Wi-Fi only model is available for $949, and a 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model is available for $1,079. The iPad Pro is available in the three signature iPad colors: Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.

Apple will also be allowing customers to order the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, the two accessories that are designed to be used with the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil, a pressure-sensitive stylus, will be available for $99 while the Smart Keyboard is priced at $169.

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53 months ago
They should have included the Pencil with the iPad at the very least.
Rating: 22 Votes
53 months ago
I wonder how they came up with the pricing of these accessories. "Let's see how far we can take this before people refuse to pay for our stuff?"
Rating: 14 Votes
53 months ago
I don't know if it's a sign of my decreasing interest in "the latest thing" or Apple slipping a bit, but I haven't felt any particular urge to buy any of their most recent new products (MacBook, Apple Watch, :apple:TV4, and now iPad pro). The products they release these days are all too expensive for what they are (or, to put it another way, too limited for what they cost).

The iPad pro would be a great device for a small premium over iPad Air 2, but $800 for 32gb wifi? Maybe for creative professionals, I dunno, as that's not me. I can't see what an average user would do with this, especially for that price.
Rating: 12 Votes
53 months ago

This ad did nothing for me.

The music sucks, and the only example given was using a stylus. Poor Steve Jobs. Astronomy? Pointless. Advertise something that everyone will use.

The keyboard costs a ridiculous amount. No-one will buy it. If you really use a proper keyboard that much, just buy a laptop. The whole point of the iPad is its form factor. That means no stylus, no keyboard, just a clean slate.

The problem with Apple marketing the stylus and keyboard is that it takes the focus away from the iPad. They should have left them to third parties. The iPad sells itself. It's over 3 inches bigger than the iPad. That must be about 50% more surface area. It's bigger than a MacBook. Shine that spotlight on the iPad, and forget about the accessories.

The lack of focus is reflected in all these interviews. The one with Cook recently covered several topics that have been repeated at length. They are never focused like those of Steve Jobs. Just watch Jobs in any interview; he is always present and single-minded. Today, they are marketing blurb that comment vaguely and uselessly on several products, without ever capturing our interest on one. And every time Tim tells us that something is selling well, I think of Amazon and their haziness with the facts.

Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words.

"Astronomy? Pointless." Its not pointless just because it isn't for you. (not to mention this iPad is more for business and the creative type). Its one of many ads that they will run showing different usages. Im an astrophotographer...the Apple Pencil with astronomy, drawing apps is going to fantastic to have! I can plan my photoshoot in-depth before I even leave the house.
Rating: 8 Votes
53 months ago
Still way too limited in terms of capability for that kind of money.
Rating: 7 Votes
53 months ago
Wow that's an expensive keyboard
Rating: 7 Votes
53 months ago
That ad reminded me of the Doctor Who Opening Credits.
Rating: 4 Votes
53 months ago

SO excited for this iPad! Just wish they’d release the Australian pricing considering its only one day out from preorder!!

EDIT: Apparently its released ('')

Thanks MacHiavelli

It doesn't have the 128GB Wifi only price? That kinda sucks..its the one I want to get haha
Rating: 4 Votes
53 months ago
Sorry but the song in that add just doesn't do anything for me...
Rating: 4 Votes
53 months ago
I hate to be that guy...
But this felt like a weak ad. It didn't show very many strengths of the product. Heck, it didn't even show the product for more than half of its length. It made me want to be an astronomer, more than it convinced me of the need of a slightly larger iPad.

I mean, if the one selling point they focus on is its size, it doesn't seem like enough. It's not even that much bigger than the iPad Air. Heck, it's smaller than most laptops.

Now I know someone will probably point out that this ad ('//') also uses size as a selling point. But that's because there's a 'wow factor' in having a device that thin. Whether or not you believe that devices should keep getting thinner, there's not doubt it's impressive in a way that wider and taller are not.
Rating: 3 Votes

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