Apple Adds 'Red Bull TV' Action Sports Channel to Apple TV

Apple today expanded the lineup for its Apple TV set-top box, adding a new Red Bull TV channel with free action sports content carrying branding from the energy drink company. As noted by Variety, the channel includes coverage of live events, as well as curated playlists and on-demand content.

Red Bull TV live programming, films, shows and clips are now available to Apple TV users worldwide for free. Launched in 2010, Red Bull TV features “inspirational entertainment programming” designed to promote the beverage and its high-action brand image. Content includes live global events and sports, music and lifestyle entertainment.
Red Bull TV has also been available as an iOS app for several years.

Red Bull TV is just the latest in a long line of channel additions for the Apple TV over the last six months, with the most recent major expansion coming last month with the addition of Watch ABC, Bloomberg, Crackle, and KORTV.

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79 months ago
Great. Another channel to hide.

Apple, please update the Apple TV UI. The current model just doesn't work anymore.
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79 months ago
How about we get to choose which channels to a channel store.

What's so hard about this Apple?:mad:

I don't want these channels...I want Netflix, The Blaze,, and maybe a few others...thats it. Let people develop for this already.

I hope the WWE Network is a glowing success. I don't watch it anymore, but at least they are doing the right thing.
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79 months ago
The responses in this thread are so typical.

For years people complained how little content Apple TV had. And berated apple for under using it.

Now these same people are complaining that apple is adding content.

Make up your minds
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79 months ago

Really???...The Red Bull Channel? More "non-content" for the aTV.

They need to add some real stuff...and soon.

How about an NBC Sochi Olympics channel where you can watch all of the competitions without have to mess around with airplay mirroring from an idevice?

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79 months ago
Apple TV UI is a mess. Slow to navigate. Impossible to organize. I'm thinking an iOS 7 inspired update is coming this year.
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79 months ago
The interface is really looking dated now... looks like the internet when websites were built using tables.
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79 months ago
The Canadian rule of thumb:

For every 15 channels added to the US Apple TV, add 1 channel to the Canadian Apple TV, and remove two thirds of it's content.

So much potential for this damn Apple TV. I want to see a NFL app, an MLB app, and NBA app, etc. Each with a simple subscription service. I can dream...
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79 months ago

Apple TV UI is a mess. Slow to navigate. Impossible to organize. I'm thinking an iOS 7 inspired update is coming this year.

iOS 7 inspired wouldn't make the TV interface better. Plus, the light colors are not a good idea on a tv interface. Apple really needs to re-think how the UI works. Slapping some new paint on the UI isn't going to solve any of the problems. It's sad that the Roku 3 has a much better UI than Apple TV and Roku clearly does not have a great UI team (but they do understand their users).
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79 months ago
I'm glad Apple's expanding the content with more channels. Why? Because it is quickly showing how horrible designed Apple TV is. It was slightly okay when it was just 3-4 channels.

Why are they going after all of those content if this is just a *hobby*. They need to get over it and release new update with A7, 802.11ac, and an app store, along with a completely redesigned interface. Hopefully, not as white as iOS 7.
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79 months ago

You know what would help AppleTV sales....

Some Freaking INTERNATIONAL content.

Or just a Channel Store and API. All the content I want is on the iPad getting to the TV without turning the iPad on would be nice.

It is not Apple that is preventing this. It's the content providers/owners that are.
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