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Apple has begun allowing iOS developers to register 200 devices to their developer accounts, according to multiple reports on Twitter. Registered devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods, are used to beta test both unreleased apps and Apple software such as iOS 7.

Previously, Apple only allowed developers to register 100 unique UDIDs during the course of a year-long membership, a number that dwindled quickly when attempting to test apps with multiple versions of devices.


Image of account with 81 previously registered devices

Apple's strict policies prevent devices removed from a developer account from freeing up additional UDID slots until an account is renewed, meaning lost, stolen, or sold devices impact available numbers as well.

Apple has not updated its support documentation to reflect the additional device slots, nor has the company sent out an official news bulletin to developers, so it is unclear if the update is a quietly implemented change or if it is limited to specific developers. At this time it appears that developers are receiving access to the additional slots on a rolling basis.

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maxwelltech Avatar
128 months ago
Wow! Way more slots for the developer UDID sale.
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LimeiBook86 Avatar
128 months ago
Good news for larger developer groups! Although I think this will only positively impact the market for those illegally re-selling access to be on a developer account list to get iOS beta software.
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iLilana Avatar
128 months ago

For developers that actually need it. Why didn't they offer a tiered service?
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