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Apple Launches WWDC 2013 iOS App With Session Video Integration

wwdc_2013_app_iconOne week ahead of the start of its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Apple today launched a new WWDC iOS app to help attendees stay on top of the latest news and events going on at the conference.

New this year is video integration, with all Registered Apple Developers able to watch session videos from the conference as they are posted daily. Apple has been posting session videos increasingly quickly after WWDC, and for the first time the company will this year be making videos available during the conference.
Make the most of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference with the WWDC app. Even if you can’t join us in San Francisco, you can still follow along each day — session videos are just a tap away for all Registered Apple Developers.

- Browse times, locations, and descriptions for sessions, labs, and special events
- Mark schedule items as favorites with a simple double-tap
- Watch session videos, available daily
- Start watching on one iOS device, and pick up where you left off on another
- Keep up with the latest news, get important notifications, and see daily snapshots
- View maps to find your way around Moscone West
- Provide feedback on session content and speakers within the session details view
- Add your attendee information to Passbook for speedier on-site registration
WWDC 2013 kicks off with Apple's traditional keynote at 10:00 AM Pacific Time next Monday, June 10. Apple's WWDC app is available free of charge from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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83 months ago
First new look at how iOS7 will be. I'm up for this.
Rating: 25 Votes
83 months ago

ew this looks like AOL around 2001

Rating: 20 Votes
83 months ago
I heard this was going to be out last week, but they had a hard time with the App approval process. :p
Rating: 16 Votes
83 months ago
A clue to the new iOS7 look perhaps?
Rating: 14 Votes
83 months ago
If this app icon is any proof..we have found out just how flat iOS 7 icons will be, more or less.

Loving the change.
Rating: 13 Votes
83 months ago
Note the gloss-free icon.

It reminds me of this:

I doubt the app itself is much indication of the interface because it is still running in iOS6.
Rating: 10 Votes
83 months ago

Find another app published by Apple, then scroll to the bottom and tap on 'Developer Info' to see a list of all the other apps Apple publishes; the WWDC app should be at the bottom.

This very screenshot starkly shows the difference between previous Apple-designed icons and this new WWDC icon. Lack of gloss or pattern. May be looking into this too much but it seems a strong indication.
Rating: 9 Votes
83 months ago
The app may NOT hint at how iOS 7 will look. The WWDC 2012 app had a different interface, but iOS 6 largely looked the same as the older versions.
Rating: 7 Votes
83 months ago
Nothing special here... Look at last years:
Rating: 6 Votes
83 months ago

Nothing special here... Look at last years:

if you can't discern the difference then somethings wrong with your eyesight
Rating: 5 Votes

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