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Apple's Share of Smartphone Market Slips as Smartphones Outsell Feature Phones for First Time

Research firm IDC yesterday released its estimates on worldwide mobile phone sales for the first quarter of 2013, showing Apple losing some ground in the smartphone market with only 6.6% year-over-year growth compared to 41.6% growth for the entire market. Still, Apple maintained a firm grasp on the number two spot behind Samsung, as challengers LG, Huawei, and ZTE were unable to reach the 5% mark during the quarter.

Worldwide Smartphone Shipments in 1Q13 in Millions of Units (Source: IDC)
Apple's smartphone shipment volume hit a new first-quarter high thanks in part to the iPhone 5, with volume growing 6.6% year over year. However, the last time the iPhone maker posted a single-digit year-over-year growth rate was 3Q09. The iPhone maker has held the second spot in the smartphone rankings for the past five quarters. Apple's mix of models shipped to market is increasingly diversified as it tries to reach new buyers.
Apple does, however, continue to ride the wave of popularity for smartphones, with IDC noting that smartphones outsold feature phones for the first time during the quarter. As a result, Apple's 6.6% year-over-growth outpaced the 4.0% growth rate of the mobile phone market as a whole, allowing Apple to creep up to an 8.9% share.

Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments in 1Q13 in Millions of Units (Source: IDC)

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50 months ago

iOs 7 will bring better results. Hardware is flawless, software and price is the reason why people go to Samsung.

Software should be the reason why people stay away from Samsung.
Rating: 17 Votes
50 months ago

What i DON'T like about the iPhone is a far longer list, Poor Battery Life, Poor Screen quality compared to the Super AMOLED screens on the Samsungs, tiny screen size, price for what you get is appalling compared to competitors.

See, this is interesting. I have to disagree with you on all these points.

The battery life on the iPhone isn't poor compared to the industry in general. It's actually pretty good. Sure, it could be better - but it certainly isn't bad.

The iPhone 5 screen is widely considered to be among the best screens available on any consumer device. If you consider all things, not just the PPI then you see things more clearly... no pun intended! OK. Pun intended.

Screen size is smaller, yes - this is a preference thing. I, for one, am glad that Apple hasn't gone crazy with the massive screens. This article on The Verge was a breath of fresh air for me - finally some people talking sense about screen sizes:

As for price, other high end smartphones are roughly the same price offline. The Galaxy s4, for example, is around £600 offline here in the UK. About the same as a 32GB iPhone 5. Plus, with the iPhone, you don't get the tacky cheap plastic and the bloatware - and you get support! Software updates, an amazing ecosystem and people to talk to. All worth money to me.

Obviously, all things are down to personal taste in the end, but to claim that the iPhone has a poor battery and a poor screen and is too expensive is just factually incorrect.
Rating: 15 Votes
50 months ago
Yeah, we don't need no OS improvements, no larger screens, no multitasking, no customization....

Rating: 14 Votes
50 months ago

What i DON'T like about the iPhone is a far longer list, Poor Battery Life, Poor Screen quality compared to the Super AMOLED screens on the Samsungs, tiny screen size, price for what you get is appalling compared to competitors.

Do you really find the screens on Samsung phones that much better? The ones I've seen in person have been horribly color-balanced.
Rating: 12 Votes
50 months ago
that magical Samsung warehouse with endless room for "shipped" phones must be getting bigger

Rating: 9 Votes
50 months ago
iOS 7 really needs to step up to the mark
Rating: 8 Votes
50 months ago
Samsung is dominating. Apple needs a model with a 2013 screen. The current iPhone is so 2010.
Rating: 7 Votes
50 months ago

Half of Apples Iphone sales are into 4 and 4S models.

iPhone 4 and 4S are actually $450 and $550... not cheap by any means.

Now consider an Android phone from Micromax that sells for about $80 in India...
Rating: 6 Votes
50 months ago

But let's look at actual results.

Android has almost 3 times the market share of Apple's iPhone... yet web traffic from iPhones is way above Android... developers overall are more happy with iOS... and iPhone customers are extremely satisfied.

Apple might not have the "biggest number" on the market share chart... but I'm not seeing Android boast about anything except that market share number.

Great... Android has the most market share... now what are they doing with it?

I'm not seeing the problem by Apple not having the most market share.

I'm starting to believe that the headline "Android dominates smartphone market share" is nothing more than a headline.

There's no compelling story after that...

So, what exactly does the web traffic market share has to do with anything? Sure, iPhone is popular in US, Canada and Australia. A lot of teenagers have it here and they consume a lot of web traffic (youtube, facebook etc.) Teenagers in other countries who own mostly Android phones are a little bit more busy working for a living and have less time to waste on messaging to their friends about what they had for breakfast.
Rating: 6 Votes
50 months ago

manufactures profit is really what consumers should care about, really?????

I'm guessing that the two grinning smileys weren't a dead giveaway that my post was in jest?
Rating: 5 Votes

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