Turntable Launches People-Powered Radio App 'Piki'

Turntable of Turntable.fm fame today launched a new radio app, featuring songs that are hand-picked by friends and other app users.

While Turntable.fm is designed for chatting with other users while listening to music, Piki builds playlists based on the preferences of others. The app allows users to pick a song, which is then incorporated into the radio playlists of followers, creating unique song lists that are created via user-based preference rather an algorithm.

Find and follow your musical soulmates and listen to a mix of their best songs. Build up your own collection of songs you love for others to hear. What’s inside?

-A free and new music streaming app.
-Discover new music from the people you follow.
-Share songs and see people’s reactions to your picks.
-Get the best mix of music from any streaming app.
In addition to building a playlist based on songs chosen by users, the app allows for specific genres and artists to be chosen to narrow down the selection field. Comments can also be added to songs and shared among users.

Piki can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]