iPhone 5 Now on Sale in the U.S.

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The iPhone 5 just launched in the U.S. along the east coast. Fortune's Philip Elmer-Dewitt is at the 5th Avenue Store and notes that the line is longer than last year's iPhone 4S line:

We're here at the big glass cube of Apple's (AAPL) flagship Fifth Avenue store for the launch of the iPhone 5. The queue of customers isn't as long as the 1,200 that greeted the iPad 2, but at 7 a.m. -- one hour before doors open -- I counted 710 heads, 52% more than the 400 at the iPhone 4S launch.

The first day pre-orders for the iPhone 5 doubled last year's iPhone 4S launch. That initial set of pre-orders for the iPhone 5 should arrive throughout the day.

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deannnnn Avatar
140 months ago
The UPS line, aka my bed, is way better.
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ZacUSNYR Avatar
140 months ago
I hope the iPhone 6 will have worked out the bugs in iPhone 5.

I hope the iPhone 7 will have worked out the bugs in the iPhone 6.
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friars Avatar
140 months ago
isn't 710 vs. 400 78% more?
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bigjnyc Avatar
140 months ago
iPhone 5 panned...
iPhone 4S pwned !!!!

5 just doesn't have enough to upgrade from 4.
Especially when the 4S works out at half the price in my case.

Sorry Apple... not this time... maybe 5S


I'm sure Apple deeply regrets losing your business.
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ck2875 Avatar
140 months ago
This should be a national holiday XD

Wouldn't that mean no deliveries?
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fithian Avatar
140 months ago
I hope iPhone x+1 will have worked out the bugs in iPhone x.
That ought to put an end to it ;-)
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