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Sony's Sound Forge Audio Editing Software Coming to Mac?

A new website at has just gone live, teasing a major announcement from an undisclosed company. The site currently consists of a single YouTube video entitled "Countdown to a revolution", with the site containing an additional eight blank slots where other videos will presumably be posted in the coming days.

We believe that Sony is behind the teaser campaign, and the video's focus on music and audio recording hints that the company's Sound Forge audio recording and editing tools may be coming to the Mac.

The video offers the following tag lines suggesting that it is indeed an existing software product that is being rebuilt from the ground up for the Mac:

- The wait is over
- Rethought. Reshaped. Recreated.
- Reinvented for the Mac

No timeframe for an official announcement or launch has been given, with the website and video description simply mentioning that the product will be "coming soon".

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96 months ago
From the looks of the graphics in the teaser video, it does look like it's referencing Sony Sound Forge. Sony (and Sonic Foundry before it) always uses a red icon to identify Sound Forge. But as a video editor, I would LOVE to see a Mac version of Sony Vegas (which has a blue icon). Vegas started out as an audio-only editor, and they added video editing features on top of it. This resulted in an audio-centric workflow when working with video, and editing multi-track audio into a video project was simply a breeze. I often exported AAF files from other editing software and opened them in Vegas simply to sweeten the audio. The extra step was worth it considering how elegantly Vegas edited audio. And I know of a lot of musicians who use Vegas exclusively to record multi-track audio. Hopefully Sony saw the gap left open by the underwhelming FCPX and is thinking about porting Vegas to the Mac as well.

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95 months ago
Why is everyone comparing this to Logic or Pro Tools? They are almost incomparable because SoundForge is not a DAW. It is used for recording, cutting, editing and mastering audio.. You can do this stuff in Logic but with it only being a small part of the DAW the functionality and polish is not quite as refined as SoundForge, it is one bit of software i missed when i moved over to Mac and i'm currently using Adobe Audition which i don't really like so this is great news..
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96 months ago
Music to my ears!

I haven't used Sound Forge since I moved to the Mac platform in 2010 and I've missed it dearly. I've used it since 1.0. Wrote articles about it back in the day, and even demo'd it for the company at a radio station back in 2000.

I've written to the few contacts I have left there a few times begging them to do this... though the new Sony bosses are a lot less responsive than their Sonic Foundry counterparts used to be.

I sure hope this is the case.
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96 months ago

Petsounds, meet fission (

I checked it out. Looks good for chopping up audio, but I didn't see any shaping tools at all. So I'd say there's still room for Sound Forge on the Mac...
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96 months ago
Audio Editor

As others have said this has nothing to do with DAW's such as Pro Tools, Logic etc.

It's main competition is probably Wave Lab. I hope the Mac Port lives up to the Windows version.
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96 months ago

Wish they would announce FL Studio for Mac

Well they've done it for the iPhone/iPad, so were half way there...ish. :)

Also, I really do wish they'd put Sony Vegas on OSX, I mean I just love the simplicity and power of Vegas and its the only real reason I have bootcamp on my iMac...
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96 months ago
A few facts...

Sony's Sound Forge is digital audio editor software. Sound Forge is not digital audio workstation (DAW) software. Comparing it to Logic and Pro Tools (DAW software) is like comparing apples to oranges. The Windows version of Sound Forge is currently offered in two flavors -- a prosumer version for ~$70 and a pro version for ~$400.
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96 months ago

Sound Forge[/url] audio recording and editing tools may be coming to the Mac.

Fantastic (potential) news! To all the people saying, "why would you switch from PT/Logic?" -- at least the last time I used Sound Forge, it wasn't about multi-track recording. It's a tool for shaping and editing sound files. Very useful for sound effects for applications, games, etc. Though if you need a weird sound in your song, it's good for that also. This has been a big hole in the Mac world.
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96 months ago

Again, 2 totally different things. This is not to "create records". Most of the users don't even use the multi-track function. This is for audio editing, straight. And the best tool at it. If you have not used it it's hard to explain what it is. But go with my word, it is the best.

You can compare it to Audacity, Audition (former WaveLab).[COLOR="#808080"]

Exactly, a lot of mistaken comparisons in this thread. It's like comparing Soundtrack Pro to Cubase.

From my PC days, Sound Forge is the best at what it does IMHO.
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96 months ago
ignorance isn't bliss

I wish I knew who was doing this promotion. They really have us talking, but it can't help that we keep talking about how awesome Sound Forge is if it is a promotion for Fruity Loops, or something like it.

I'm surprised that so many people are talking about DAWs when comparing to Sound Forge. SF is much more akin to Bias Peak (RIP) or SoundTrack Pro (also RIP). I used the heck out of SF in my PC days. It is a very capable audio editor. It's sister app, CD Architect, was my weapon of choice for building CDs (masters and dj mixes). I would welcome Sound Forge immediately if it were coming.

Enough, already! Who are you, software company teaser, and what do you have for me?
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