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WWDC Banner Confirms iOS 6 Announcement

Instagram user Zac Altman has posted a photo showing a new banner going up at the Moscone West convention center confirming that Apple will be unveiling iOS 6 at next Monday's keynote address.

iOS 6 has been assumed to be a major topic of discussion for the event, but Apple has so far mentioned only that it will discuss the "future of iOS" at the event. The banner also displays a silver-colored theme that has been rumored to making its way to the iPhone to replace the blue theme present in many of Apple's apps. The silver theme has already been showing up on the iPad, but rumors of an Apple mapping app have suggested that the silver theme will moving to the smaller screen as well.

With Apple having dropped numbering and other descriptors from its latest model of the iPad earlier this year, there has been speculation that the company may follow suit with other products such as the iPhone. Today's banner indicates that the company will at least continue marketing iOS using its version number.

Update: A clear shot from CNet:

iOS 6 icon cropped from CNet's image shows the background is water ripples:

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94 months ago
Newsflash: Bears **** in woods!
Rating: 72 Votes
94 months ago
why the hell would people expect the numbering system to be dropped from iOS? frequent updates/builds make it necessary for operating systems to be numbered....
Rating: 64 Votes
94 months ago
I really don't think any of us needed confirmation that iOS 6 would be discussed.
Rating: 59 Votes
94 months ago

I'm so ready to see the OS that's going to be powering my new iPhone this fall. iCloud me baby!
Rating: 40 Votes
94 months ago
iOS6 needs to have widgets. A homescreen of just squares is too boring and limiting.
Rating: 27 Votes
94 months ago

There's something weird about that photo. where was it taken from ? It looks like the street and the glass seem to meld.

Its a filter--hence Instagram.
Rating: 20 Votes
94 months ago

the 6 on that logo looks like it was made with liquid metal!

That must mean that the operating system is going to be made out of liquid metal.
Rating: 20 Votes
94 months ago
Better Pic of Banner

Rating: 19 Votes
94 months ago


Good times.

Can't wait for 7. ;)
Rating: 18 Votes
94 months ago

I don't need someone to tell me that I'm getting Christmas presents either, but I still like to see a tree.

Here ya go !

Rating: 18 Votes

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