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Apple's Largest Retail Store Yet Coming to Dalian, China?

Apple appears to be working on plans to open its largest retail store yet, advertising a forthcoming store in the main Century City shopping district of Dalian, China. M.I.C. gadget posts a photo showing promotional signage in a shopping center there calling the forthcoming store the "world's biggest".

Signage in Dalian's Parkland Mall advertising upcoming Apple retail store as the company's largest

Interestingly, the article also reports on an incident that has brought Apple some additional attention, with other stores in the area complaining about new barricades for construction of the Apple retail store encroaching too far onto a public plaza.

The dispute quickly escalated just minutes after the barricades were erected yesterday, with security officers working on behalf of a neighboring business facing off with Apple-hired security guards and ultimately forcibly dismantling the barricades. A portion of the glass curtain wall on the Parkland shopping center was also smashed in the process, and police were called to the scene to address the situation.

M.I.C. gadget's report suggests that the dispute stemmed from jealously between shopping centers over Apple's choice of venue for its store, but our reading of the source article from [Google translation] indicates that the controversy is more about encroachment upon public spaces that other retailers fear will impact their business during the construction process.

Dailan, a city of 3.5 million people with a total of over 6 million people in the region, is located on the Liaodong Peninsula separating the Bohai Sea from Korea Bay in northeastern China. It is a major seaport, financial center, and tourist magnet for the region, drawing significant numbers of visitors from China, Japan, and Korea.

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98 months ago
filmed from a Starbucks...ahh, american imperialism lives.
Rating: 19 Votes
98 months ago
Strange that the promotional images show a first-gen iPad and Macs running Snow Leopard.
Rating: 12 Votes
98 months ago

Crazy? You can't randomly go errecting walls/barriers anywhere you like... The same thing would happen in the US.

Have you been to the US?

The first step would obviously be to have your lawyers call the mall's lawyers.

It's like you don't know anything about us.
Rating: 11 Votes
98 months ago
If you owned local shops you would have thought they would be happy. I am sure the Apple store will result in a HUGE increase in foot traffic.
Rating: 10 Votes
98 months ago

Evidently not, otherwise the barricades would not have to be dismantled

You assume those pulling down the barriers know the rules as well.
Rating: 9 Votes
98 months ago
I warned them against hiring this guy to build their wall:

Rating: 8 Votes
98 months ago
in China you go big or go home.
Rating: 7 Votes
98 months ago

Crazy? You can't randomly go errecting walls/barriers anywhere you like... The same thing would happen in the US.

I doubt something like that would happen. Though I'm not calling it impossible. Barriers for construction go up all the time. If some business really felt they were put to far out into a public plaza, I think most businesses (anywhere) would handle it professionally and talk to the right authorities. They sure wouldn't send their security force to push it down. That leads to being sued in the US.

I don't agree with the general statement of crazy though.
Rating: 7 Votes
98 months ago
Apple seems to be spending a lot of time on China right now. Like it or not, it's pretty smart of them, because China could end up being a bigger market for them than even the US.
Rating: 6 Votes
98 months ago
i'm a bit confused by the placement of the walls in the fact that there was a starbucks on the inside of the barricade?

These people were filming this all happen from within the barricade, so how did people get in there in the first place
Rating: 5 Votes

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