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Apple Reportedly Pressures Pegatron into Ceasing ASUS Zenbook Production

Digitimes reports on an article from Taiwanese newspaper Commerical Times claiming that Apple manufacturing partner Pegatron has ended its relationship with ASUS for production of the Zenbook under pressure from Apple. According to the report, Apple is displeased with the similarity in appearance between ASUS's Zenbook and the MacBook Air and forced Pegatron's hand with an ultimatum stating that Pegatron needed to choose one company or the other.
Apple reportedly was unhappy about Pegatron's production of Asustek's Zenbook models, which are similar to its MacBook Air, especially in its outer design, and therefore, demand Pegatron make a choice, claimed the paper, which added that Pegatron began to assemble iPhones for Apple in 2011 and is eager to solicit orders for next-generation iPads from the vendor.
Pegatron will reportedly wind down production of the Zenbook by next month as ASUS is forced to switch over to Compal or Wistron for manufacturing.

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101 months ago
Apparently Apple forgot about the HP Envy:
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101 months ago
At first I said Huh ? Then I went and looked at the Zenbook. It looks almost exactly like a Macbook Air.

Good for Apple.

Why can't these companies design their own laptops and tablets.

Lazy people. Just do what Apple does. That's the new PC mantra.
Rating: 36 Votes
101 months ago
For Real?

:apple: please don't start the Wal-Mart philosophy of threatening your vendors.
Rating: 26 Votes
101 months ago
Totally makes sense. I'm in marketing and we'd be dropped in a second if we worked with competing brands.
Rating: 20 Votes
101 months ago

But it is not a mba

This is bullying by Apple. Pure and simple

How is it bullying? It isn't as if Pegatron has a right to make products for Apple, or even that Apple is suing ASUS on a questionable design patent. Pepsi might voice displeasure if a significant supplier signed a big deal with Coke, or vice versa.
Rating: 20 Votes
101 months ago
For a good laugh, check out the design story behind the Zenbook:
Rating: 18 Votes
101 months ago
Apple might or might not be doing this, but isn't Digitimes one of the least reliable sources?
Rating: 11 Votes
101 months ago

Of course. Why should Apple tolerate their supplier churning out fake Macbook Airs for someone else?

Apple is now in a position to do this, and more power to them.

In fairness, its not a bootleg MBA. If Apple has an issue with patent infringement...they should take it up with ASUS(and the courts).

Is Pegatron going to be bullied against making every ultrabook? They all end up looking like the Air...
Rating: 10 Votes
101 months ago

For a good laugh, check out the design story behind the Zenbook:

Funny indeed.

You can also get a "Zenbook Rose Gold":

The description is also hilarious.

The worst part is, someone actually gets paid to come up with this stuff :confused:
Rating: 9 Votes
101 months ago
We don't know enough to pass judgement here. It could be that:

1) Apple applied pressure illegally and is going to be hit with a lawsuit.
2) (as others have noted) Pegatron is dedicating their production capacity to Apple, and will have to pay terms to ASUS pursuant to their contract.
3) Apple licensed IP to Pegatron regarding unibody production, and Pegatron illegally used that IP for ASUS. Now Pegatron is halting ASUS production as fast as possible to avoid a lawsuit from Apple.

Or some other explanation. I doubt anyone on MR really knows.
Rating: 7 Votes

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