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Apple Seeds OS X 10.7.3 Build 11D36 to Developers

Squeezing in one last release before Christmas, Apple today seeded developers with an updated version of OS X 10.7.3. The new version, known as Build 11D36, comes with no documented known issues and is said to include iCloud Document Storage, Address Book, iCal, Mail, Spotlight and Safari as focus areas for developer testing.

The delta version of the new build for updating from OS X 10.7.2 weighs in at 986 MB, while a combo version good for updating from any previous version of OS X Lion weighs in at 1.2 GB.

OS X 10.7.3 will be Apple's next free maintenance update for OS X Lion users. The current version, OS X 10.7.2, was released in mid-October and brought support for Apple's new iCloud services.

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102 months ago
Has it sunk in yet for Apple that Mission Control's lack of Expose makes it a complete failure, or are they not going to address the issue at all?

A simple option in system preferences to ungroup windows would solve the problem.

Also, give us the ability to
-completely disable (and effectively remove) Launchpad.
-completely disable spaces (the grey border in mission control is redundant).
-have an option to turn off the macbook's main screen when hooked up to an external LCD. I have to wake from sleep in order to do this.
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102 months ago

There are programs for tabs, but you probably knew that already.

I'm just curious, why do you want to completely disable launchpad?

The 20 most frequently applications I use are in my dock. The rest are in the applications folder that are accessed via spotlight, a shortcut via custom applications folder in the dock, or manually finding it via finder. I don't need another icon in my dock. Removing it from the dock doesnt disable it either (as has been proven when installing an application via app store, launchpad then activates).


How old are you? Six?

1. Personal preference.
2. Personal preference.
3. Still personal preference.
4. No, it's not. 64 bit environment is using a bit more memory. i'm seeing same memroy consumption in Snow Leopard (64 bit) and Lion with difference being no more than ~10%.
5. Most idiotic preference based on fantasies that have no ground in real life. I have almost 4 TB iTunes library and iTunes runs just fine on i5 iMac using up to 200 MB of RAM.
6. I'm sure it improved for many.
7. Last time i checked when you plug external monitor you can just close laptop lid and work on the external monitor.
8. If it's implemented the right way. Still personal preference.

What does my age have anything to do with the way I prefer to work on my computer?

Are you familiar with the term preferences at all? Why do you think you even have a special place in OS X for.... (get ready, this may shock you) SYSTEM PREFERENCES?

Are you under the impression everyone should have their computer set up exactly the way you do, or exactly the way everyone else does per Apple's orders?

What is the purpose of your computer? Mine generates my income, both at work and at home. It is my tool for my career and I would like to use it according to MY needs, NOT YOURS.

Most of the things I listed can be simply implemented by Apple by simply adding a check box in SYSTEM PREFERENCES. You wouldnt even be affected with the way your own mac would be set up, so why do you come off so ignorant and arrogant.

Seriously, look into system preferences and why it exists. :rolleyes:
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102 months ago

Are you aware that you can double-tap (not click) icons in the dock to see application windows Expose style? I only found this out the other day and it was something of a revelation to me. Especially useful for Photoshop when you have a gazillian image windows open.

Theres no way to show photoshop, illustrator and indesign windows all at once. I keep having to repeat myself on this in *EVERY* thread on macrumors when I make this complaint about the lack of Expose. I have doubts that people are even aware of Expose's functionality in OS X 10.6.
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102 months ago

I'm happy with how it works. Thank you.

That's nice. I'm happy you're happy.

When are people like you going to figure out that the rest of us are simply waiting for Apple to add an OPTION to change or disable some of the stupidities in Lion?

I'm so sick and tired of this attitude that Lion isn't broken and that Apple shouldn't change anything because it works for you.

News flash, you're not the only person on the planet.

Those of us who dislike Lion don't want to FORCE something upon you. We're not trying to MAKE YOU accept what we believe to be the "correct" way of doing things. We simply want Apple to add an option, so that for those things that don't jive well with us- we can opt to disable or revert the behaviour back to something that does jive well with us. That's all we want. A choice. A simple choice. We had them before but now we don't.

So, frankly, the next person to say "Well 10.7 works great for me! It doesn't need fixing!" needs to be lynched for not understanding this point. Lion is not broken if it does what you want out of the box. If it doesn't, you're **** out of luck. And that is the problem with Lion- it offers absolutely NO choice to change anything (and terminal hacks are terminal hacks- Cocoa isn't exactly hard to code up a checkbox for).

So for those of you who say that Lion is great and you have no issues with it and that Apple doesn't need to change anything- just keep this in mind- whenever you DO need to change something, are you really comfortable confiding in an operating system that offers you NO choices for even the most basic of things?

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102 months ago
Will they ever fix that issue that makes it impossible to have two windows in full screen mode on two different monitors?
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102 months ago

Has it sunk in yet for Apple that Mission Control's lack of Expose makes it a complete failure, or are they not going to address the issue at all?

A simple option in system preferences to ungroup windows would solve the problem.

Are you aware that you can double-tap (not click) icons in the dock to see application windows Expose style? I only found this out the other day and it was something of a revelation to me. Especially useful for Photoshop when you have a gazillian image windows open.
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102 months ago
My list of things Lion needs fixed or added:

1) Expose in Mission Control (basically ungrouping windows within an application and seeing ALL windows all at once)
2) an option to remove the grey border when mission control is activated when spaces arent used. With that, an option to disable spaces would be nice. I don't need spaces. I do like options.
3) bring back coloured icons in the finder's list of places (volumes, desktop, documents, etc).
4) optimize Lion for memory, it is a resource hog
5) release iTunes lite, it is currently bloatware and doesnt deserve its title as its misleading. Some of us only need iTunes simply to play music, NOTHING more. For now, I will continue to use Vox and Enqueue.
6) Fix the heat and battery life issues. The OS should improve on releases (or at least maintain), not get worse.
7) Give users an option in System Preferences to disable the Macbooks screen when using an external monitor. I only need one big screen, my 15" macbook is too small to work on at home. Windows 7 has this.
8) Tabbed browsing in the finder. Get on it.
9) Allow the ability to COMPLETELY disable the launchpad.
Rating: 9 Votes
102 months ago
As another user who is displeased with Lion, I'd like to offer my (possibly) "balanced" opinion.

1. I think mission control was a great idea. I like the concept of combining both spaces and expose in a useful, intuitive, productive way. That being said, there are 2 serious flaws I have run into that make me want my old spaces/expose back.
- when you have 4+ windows from the same application, it makes it very difficult to select let alone SEE each of them. very annoying.
- sometimes the windows get in the way of the "spaces" above them, so you can't tell whether you are selecting a application window or space. And if you are trying to move a window to a new space that's covered up ... well good luck with that.

2. launchpad is also NOT the worst idea in the world. I personally don't use it, as there are much faster ways to do things. But i can see how [with some refinement] it could be helpful for a newbie mac user [read: my grandma]. That being said, it would be nice to have the option to completely do away with it, but, it really doesn't both me that much. It never gets in my way.

3. the most serious flaw in my opinion is the lack of multi-monitor, full screen support. this is something very simple to fix, so there is no excuse for apple not helping out all the professionals that actually use more than 1 monitor, and like to use full screen (not as big of a deal if you use 27"+ monitors).

All in all, there were some good ideas, particularly mission control. But Apple needs to do more UI tweaking IN BETWEEN major releases in order to make it acceptable to more than the casual users.


uh-oh... does that mean I shouldn't update my late-2006 MBP to Lion either???

If I can keep this one functioning fine until later in 2012, it should be prime hardware upgrade time. Woo-hoo!! Looking forward to iPad3, iPhone5 and a new MBP in 2012...that is, unless the Mayans had some reason to let the calendar run out next year.

Nah, I'd suggest keeping snow leopard. its faster than both lion and leopard. Lion, while its no vista by a long shot, is still more processor and memory hungry than SL. - as it should be, I think. People need to realize that as hardware continues to advance, software SHOULD also to keep pace. Does Lion use more RAM? Yes. My response: GOOD. RAM prices are cheaper than ever! By all means make use of it!
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102 months ago
Unless I'm missing something, I can't understand why people so passionately want Launchpad removed or disabled. I'm not arguing whether it's good or not - but surely just don't use it? You could very easily completely forget it's there and launch files and apps in exactly the same way as you did in SL, it doesn't need to be disabled or gotten rid of.
Rating: 7 Votes
102 months ago

You know, you must have a different problem because my Lion in so MINT. I love apple and never doubt them. Neither should you.

Just use it and be happy.

Unfortunately time is money, and I don't have the time to fight with my computer. If Apple doesn't want to give us a few lousy checkboxes to change this stuff, then I really don't have any interest in turning my year old $10K workstation into a giant overpowered iPhone.

I had a mid 2010 MBP and Lion was absolutely horrendous on it. I upgraded to a late 2011 MBP and I love lion. Works great on the new machine. No freezes, hang ups, black works great

Epic win for Apple?

"I have a year old computer that won't run this new operating system properly because it's a piece of crap. So I went out and bought a new faster machine! And it can run the crappy operating system normally now! Woohoo!"...

Rating: 7 Votes

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