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Microsoft's Windows 8 to Include an App Store Too

With industry trends clearly moving towards digital distribution, Microsoft will also be making the move with an "App Store" in the upcoming Windows 8. Microsoft introduced the Windows 8 team in a blog post earlier today.

Amongst the different teams listed, Microsoft listed an "App Store" team, seemingly confirming previous evidence from an early Windows 8 screenshot which showed a "Store" button:

Windows 8 is a notable departure from Microsoft's latest desktop operating system, with many interface elements drawing from their Windows Phone 7 platform. The tile-based appearance offers an easy touch interface, while a more traditional desktop interface remains for legacy applications.

Apple has been a strong proponent of the App Store distribution model, moving in that direction faster than its competitors. With OS X Lion, Apple initially launched it as an exclusive App Store download, only offering a USB thumb drive option several weeks later.

Back in February we reported that Apple was making steps towards eliminating boxed software at their retail stores. In late July, Apple discontinued many of their boxed software items, leaving only the digital versions behind.

It's not clear yet if Microsoft will publicly brand their software store as an "App Store", as Apple has not taken kindly of the use of the term by other companies. Microsoft too had opposed Apple's "App Store" trademark application. In retrospect, their motives may have been due to this same intended feature in Windows 8. Microsoft already offers a store for apps called "Marketplace" in Windows Phone 7.

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72 months ago
LOL I read that as "Microsoft's Windows 8 to be included in (Mac) App Store too" rofl... I was like... whaat?
Rating: 28 Votes
72 months ago
Seriously, we need to all stop caring about "oh, they just copied ____". or "oh, ____ had that feature first". It's nonsensical. I want products...from any company...that work. If that means they stand on the shoulders of who came before with features, so be it. If Windows wants an application store, why do I care if Apple had one first? If Apple is updating iOS to have more robust notifications, why do I care that Android had it first? Do they want a fricken prize?

Why not take it to the extreme? Why not criticize the iPad for using an LCD screen with "oh, Compaq had LCD screens on their laptops back in the 90's, this is nothing new, Apple is just copying others by using an LCD". Makes as much sense.

Come on...
Rating: 20 Votes
72 months ago

Apple does not deserve exclusive rights to the term 'App Store'. This is almost as stupid as Cadbury wanting to trademark the colour purple, for chocolate wrappers.
Rating: 18 Votes
72 months ago

I believe it should be called Program Store for Windows. But i agree Apple doesn't deserve exclusive rights to that term.

It'll probably be Marketplace, like on WP7. And to all the people saying Microsoft is copying Apple, there were app stores before Apples one, they just weren't successful. Not a new concept. Apple copies just like everyone else.
Rating: 18 Votes
72 months ago
And on a slightly un-related note, it almost looks as though MS is trying to beat Apple to the unified-across-all-devices OS ... Interesting.
Rating: 12 Votes
72 months ago
Good for them. They have the right to sell apps too. I won't be buying any of their products but I wish them nothing but success. You hateful angry nerds are pathetic.


It's the future guys... in 10 years most software will be downloadable only and cds will have disappeared. Then what are the non-Apple companies supposed to do in order to allow their users download any software? Of course, they will have to have their own ‘app stores’. They can name them differently, but the concept stays the same. Are we going to prohibit the adoption of such a model because Apple was the first to have an app store?

Yea we will prohibit them. How dare they do something similar to what apple has done? How dare they follow he industry trend. Our god Steve isn't going to be happy. We should burn Microsoft to the ground as an offering to our lord so he doesn't punish us. Think clearly bro, did you not get the memo?
Rating: 11 Votes
72 months ago

Hummm.... can't seem to figure out why so many Windoze lovers and Android lovers feel compelled to come to an Apple enthusiast forum and rant and rave anti Apple junk???

I guess when you go from almost dead to one of the most influential, most innovative and most valuable company in the world in about 15 years you attract trolls and haters?

I just don't get why they feel so compelled to come here and try and convince us that Windows or Android is better? I don't hang out at the Android or Windoze forums and bash them?

This is a RUMOR site. For speculation and discussion.

Maybe your lost, can I direct you home to the APPLE FAN CLUB ( ?

Just because we are interested in Apple rumors it doesn't mean we should be frothing at the mouth with Apple rabid comments hating on other technology. Some of us are capable of having more than one company in our lives and aren't as "Dedicated" you :rolleyes:
Rating: 11 Votes
72 months ago
I personally like the term "Marketplace" better than "App Store" anyway.
Rating: 10 Votes
72 months ago
I'm actually excited by this. I don't care if it was copied. Why can't we have love for both Apple and Microsoft?
Rating: 9 Votes
72 months ago

Apple step forward, Microsoft follow. Where would Microsoft be without Apple? They wouldn't exist at all.

Actually without Microsoft, Apple wouldn't exist at all...
Microsoft saved Apple when it was on the verge of bankruptcy.
Rating: 9 Votes

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