Apple Seeds OS X 10.7.2 to Developers for iCloud Testing

Apple seeded developers with OS X 10.7.2 alongside a new iCloud for Lion Beta 5. The 10.7.2 seed appears to only contain changes to support iCloud Beta 5 as Apple has not yet made any mention of 10.7.1. OS X Lion was just released last week, and we expect that 10.7.1 will be delivered shortly as an initial bug fix to customers.

Apple's iCloud service was announced at WWDC and will be launched this fall alongside iOS 5.

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111 months ago

I updated to 10.7.2 11C26

- None of my bugs I encountered, are fixed.
- UI performance is still the same with Intel 3000HD (read: bad)
- Crashed two times when opening a app (Pixelmator and Cyberduck). Never happened with 10.7.0

A bit disappointed.

Really? You're disappointed in a just-released beta that isn't due for 1.5-2 months?
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111 months ago
10.7.2 likely has updates necessary for iCloud that 10.7.1 won't. I suspect 10.7.1 will have a lot of bug fixes and 10.7.2 will be released in September to support iCloud.
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111 months ago
10.7.2 is required for the latest iCloud beta. There will be a bug-fix 10.7.1 soon then 10.7.2 will follow closer to iCloud/iOS 5 launch.
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111 months ago
I'm pretty sure the 10.7.2 beta incorporates the soon to be released 10.7.1 fixes.
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111 months ago

TOO BAD they are not focusing in BUGS, just in iCloud.

Right, because I'm sure every single engineer at Apple is working on iCloud, and none are working on OS X 10.7.1.
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111 months ago

I dont need versions, but Ill admit is a cool feature for others. The main problem is that it cant be turned off. Why wont they let users choose if they want this feature or not, like Resume?

You can lock the files that you don't want to be backed up with Versions.
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111 months ago

Well thats very disappointing of Apple. They have been letting me down lately...

10.6.8 has bugs for me...
Safari 5.1 is a mess...
iCloud only in Lion...
I hate versions and the new preview...

what is there to hate about versions??
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111 months ago

Sounds like it's only iCloud stuff that's been incorporated in 10.7.2. Most likely there's a "general bug" team working on 10.7.1. Sometime next fall they'll merge the two together.

I don't think most should expect fixes especially as the accompanying copy reads as , "This pre-release version of OS X Lion is being provided solely for testing iCloud"
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111 months ago
Never mind, found the download link:

Well, this is the link:
It doesn't work for me though. Access is denied and only if you are also an iCloud beta tester you will be able to download it.

The link works just fine as long as you've a Mac OS dev account.
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111 months ago

Also, I have the feeling that Ill start to mess things up with my documents if versions if enabled. Imagine having 500 previous documents of one document in versions. Its a mess!!! I would screw something sooner or later...

Is it possible to delete manually the background files? This way maybe I could only have 10 previous versions instead of 500... Anyone knows how?

Have you actually looked at what versions does? It is emphatically not this. All versions does is add a time stamp to each set of changes made to a file so that the file has an "undo" record back to the point at which the file was created. There is only ever one copy of the file created.
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