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Cyber Monday Sales from Apple and Other Mac Retailers

Apple is offering a small selection of accessories on sale for Cyber Monday. Apple had discounted some of their Macs, iPads and iPod Touches on Black Friday, but the sales lasted for that day only.

3rd party retailers have continued their sales going from Black Friday through today: MacConnection appears to have the most substantial discounts for the majority of Macs by combining instant and mail-in rebate discounts.

Prices for MacMall, MacConnection and Amazon have been included, with the best price in bold.

Current ModelRetailMacMallMacConnectionAmazon
13" White MacBook$999-$59-$150 (15%)-$60
13" 2.4GHz MB Pro$1199-$101-$150 (13%)-$101
13" 2.66GHz MB Pro$1499-$101-$200 (13%)-$101
15" 2.4GHz MB Pro$1799-$125-$200 (11%)-$125
15" 2.53Ghz MB Pro$1999-$140-$240 (12%)-$165
15" 2.66Ghz MB Pro$2199-$155-$220 (10%)-$140
17" 2.53GHz MB Pro$2299-$203-$150-$202 (9%)
11" 1.4GHz 64GB MB Air$999-$29-$51 (5%)-$29
11" 1.4GHz 128GB MB Air$1199-$59-$60 (5%)-$59
13" 1.86GHz 128GB MB Air$1299-$69 (5%)-$60---
13" 1.86GHz 256GB MB Air$1599-$79 (5%)-$70-$5
2.4GHz Mac mini$699-$39-$100 (14%)-$86.50
2.66GHz Mac mini$999-$45-$50 (5%)-$45
21" 3.06GHz iMac$1199-$79-$150 (13%)-$79
21" 3.2GHz iMac$1499-$79-$150 (10%)-$79
27" 3.2GHz iMac$1699-$81-$170 (10%) -$81
27" 2.8GHz i5 iMac$1999-$84-$180 (9%)-$84
2.8Ghz Quad Core Mac Pro$2499-$149-$100-$149 (6%)
2 x 2.4GHz "8-Core" Mac Pro$3499-$200-$200-$200 (6%)
8GB iPod Touch$229-$14-$6-$15 (7%)
32GB iPod Touch$299-$19-$11-$29 (10%)
64GB iPod Touch$399-$29-$16-$30 (8%)
Click on prices to link directly to product.

Note: Amazon's prices are in flux throughout the day, so they may change.

Software / Other

- VMWare Fusion 3.1 for $39.99 (normally $79.99)
- Microsoft Office 2011 (Home and Student) for $79.99 (normally $119.99)
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 for $44.56 after discount/rebate (normally $99.99).

Several of the vendors listed are affiliate partners with MacRumors and sales benefit the site financially

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101 months ago
Apple giving just 10% off on accessories mmm... We can find better deal than that in stores like Use coupon "SAVE10" with free shipping.
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