Apple has announced via an email to MobileMe members that pages created with the legacy .Mac Homepage web application will cease to be viewable online as of November 8, 2010.

Dear MobileMe member,

Over a year ago, we retired the .Mac HomePage application for publishing new pages, but allowed previously published pages to remain viewable on the web. On November 8, 2010, we will discontinue online viewing of photos, movies, and files shared using .Mac HomePage.

Please note that your content will not be deleted. Any photos, movies, or files you have published using HomePage will continue to remain on your MobileMe iDisk in the Movies, Pictures, or Public folders. We recommend MobileMe Gallery as a great way to share photos and movies on the web. Please read these instructions on how to move your HomePage photos and movies to MobileMe Gallery.

MobileMe members who have published web pages using iWeb will not be affected by this change....

As noted in the email, Apple retired the .Mac Homepage application over a year ago for posting or editing content, though at the time Apple had said the existing content would remain viewable "as long as you wish."