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Apple's New iPod Touch and iPod Nano Commercials

During today's media event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced two new commercials, one each for the new iPod touch and iPod nano. Apple has now posted the commercials to its product-specific sites, as well as its YouTube page.

iPod touch - All kinds of fun

The iPod touch commercial utilizes Chappo's "Come Home" [iTunes Store] and demonstrates the device's ability to capture and play video, as well as a wide variety of games available for the platform. Finally, the commercial wraps up by highlighting the new FaceTime video calling feature first introduced with the iPhone 4 and now made possible in the iPod touch by its front-facing camera.

iPod nano - New way to nano

The new iPod nano commercial features Cake's "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" [iTunes Store] as the soundtrack and shows off a number of features of the new device, including the versatility allowed by its rear clip, its multi-touch screen supporting swiping and rotation, and the ability to display album art.