Steve Jobs Claims iPhone 4 'Facts are Different' Than Has Been Portrayed

Apple's surprise announcement of a last minute press conference this Friday has led to a flurry of speculation about what Apple might be planning on doing. Apple will certainly be addressing the widely reported signal loss issue with the iPhone 4 in some form during the event. The speculation has ranged anywhere from free bumper cases to a full iPhone 4 recall. If a recent Steve Jobs email is to be believed, we expect Apple will continue to defend their published position on the iPhone 4.

This week, after the Consumer Reports news and talk of a recall emerged this week, MacRumors reader Tim fired off an email to Steve Jobs stating: "I'm starting to feel like a bit of a jerk for talking so many of my friends and colleagues into buying iPhone 4. Please fix it." To this, Steve Jobs reportedly replied:

"Not to worry. Facts are different than what you're hearing."

If this email is to believed, it seems Jobs continues to believe the problem is being misportrayed in the media.

These Steve Jobs email reports have recently taken a credibility hit with claims by Apple that one exchange published by Boy Genius Report was completely fabricated. However, Boy Genius Report maintains that the exchange was real (except for a misattributed quote at the end) -- and we believe them. One of the claimed emails from Steve Jobs at the time stated:

"You may be working from bad data. Not your fault. Stay tuned. We are working on it."

This statement lined up with the official Apple press release that was released only days later. That was the press release announcing that badly calculated signal strength bars were exaggerating the problem.