171409 harvard itunes u

Harvard University today announced (via The Loop) that it has joined Apple's iTunes U program, offering educational content via the iTunes Store. The university has established a launch page at itunes.harvard.edu that offers users access to Harvard's iTunes U content via iTunes 9.

The University's content features the sights and sounds of Harvard, including educational material such as Professor Michael Sandel's renowned "Justice" course, which is an introduction to moral and political philosophy, and is one of the most popular courses at Harvard. Visitors also will be able to learn about the science of the brain's "black box," the secrets of aging, and other health-related topics from Harvard Medical School's "labcasts," and will have the opportunity to view public lectures by many of the University's distinguished professors and guests.

A number of colleges and universities currently offer content via iTunes U, with Stanford having served as the inaugural institution for the service in 2005. Last December, it was noted that iTunes U had surpassed 100 million downloads.