Apple Reportedly Set to Test Lowering Prices for Some Television Downloads to $1

Financial Times reports that Apple is set to begin a trial coinciding with the launch of the iPad that will reduce the price of certain TV downloads through its iTunes Store to $1 from the current $1.99. The trial will reportedly begin in April. Financial Times first reported late last month that Apple was seeking to persuade television networks to go along with the plan, and at least some of them seem to have accepted the trial in an attempt to spur demand.

Some television networks agreed to the lower prices after months of negotiations, and having initially resisted Apple's push. Media executives are under pressure from declining DVD sales and cut-rate rental services such as Redbox, that offer rental DVDs for $1.

It is not yet clear which or how many of the US free-to-air and pay-television networks have agreed to the lower pricing. Some media executives said they have not been approached with the new prices.

Apple has also been rumored to be pursuing a monthly subscription package of "best of TV" downloadable content, and today's report indicates that Apple has not yet given up on that front either.