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Apple Tablet to Support Multiple Wireless Carriers Including Verizon?

With their upcoming tablet, Apple may be offering the flexibility that many prospective U.S. iPhone owners have wished for: carrier independence. According to a Broadpoint AmTech analyst, Apple will be offering 3G wireless data networking on their Tablet with multiple providers with Verizon support a "certainty".

This would mean that customers will be able to choose from a number of mobile providers for their Tablet's data service when not near a Wi-Fi hotspot. This would allow Tablet users to browse the web, check their email, and more wherever there was 3G service. Such connectivity is taken for granted on mobile phones such as the iPhone, but is increasingly expected for other mobile devices.

iPhone owners in the U.S., however, are presently restricted to AT&T service only due to exclusivity agreements between Apple and AT&T which are expected to expire in mid 2010.