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MacHeist nanoBundle Offers 6 Mac Apps For... Free

A few times a year, MacRumors partners with MacHeist to promote their Mac application bundle deal. Their app bundles typically deliver a dozen Mac applications at a significant discount. The latest bundle is a bit of a departure for MacHeist by delivering 6 Mac applications ($154 value) for Free.

- ShoveBox ($25) - easily capture important bits of information
- WriteRoom ($25) - a distraction free writing environment
- Twitterific ($15) - popular Twitter client
- TinyGrab ($14) - quickly share screenshots
- Hordes of Orcs ($25) - tower defense game
- Mariner Write* ($50) - fast, streamlined word processor

Mariner Write requires 500,000 total bundle participants to be "unlocked". This free bundle offer can be downloaded here. Each application offered represents full licenses. Enjoy.