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iPhone 3G S Launch Sales to Exceed 3G Launch?

Despite the seemingly shorter lines for the iPhone 3G S, the early sales number estimates indicate that the iPhone 3G S launch numbers could even exceed those of the iPhone 3G launch. Apple managed to sell 1 million of the iPhone 3Gs during its launch weekend last year. Unlike last year, however, Apple and AT&T have allowed pre-orders for the latest iPhone device.

UK mobile carrier O2 reveals that by lunchtime, they've already sold more iPhone 3G S handsets than they did during the entire day of the iPhone 3G launch. They expect by the end of the day to have sold 50% more than last year's opening day.

Meanwhile, AppleInsider reveals that AT&T has sold "hundreds of thousands" of iPhone 3G S's ahead of the launch. Based on these numbers, the site also speculates that Apple could easily sell more than a million devices during the first three days.