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Snow Leopard API's Finalized, A Step Closer to Release?

One tidbit that we failed to mention during our coverage of the newest Snow Leopard Mac OS X 10.6 developer release last Friday is the fact that it appears that Apple has stated that no further application programming interface (API) changes are planned for Snow Leopard. There was some debate in our mind if this referred to the entirety of Snow Leopard or a subportion, but others have interpreted it as the entirety of Snow Leopard.

The API's are the hooks that developers use to take advantage of the various features of Mac OS X. If true, this means developers can feel comfortable moving forward with their own applications with less concern that a future version of Snow Leopard will break their applications.

Apple is expected to release more information about Snow Leopard at WWDC next month. The release of Snow Leopard is expected roughly mid-year.