AutoCAD Returning to Mac?

Autodesk, creator of the industry standard design and drafting software AutoCAD, is apparently contemplating the return of a version of AutoCAD running natively on Macs. In a recent blog article, Autodesk "Platform Technology Evangelist" Shaan Hurley points readers to a survey allowing them to "help shape the future of the next generation of AutoCAD products for the Apple Mac OS X Operating System and hardware."

The survey asks users a series of questions related to their use of Autodesk software, their use of Macs in the workplace, and their level of interest in an OS X version of AutoCAD. The survey also asks several questions about whether such features as command line interface and 3D modeling/editing are considered critical to a "first" version of AutoCAD for OS X, and specifically whether a product along the lines of Autodesk's more limited AutoCAD LT rather than a full version of AutoCAD would be sufficient for Mac users.

Autodesk's last Mac version of AutoCAD was released in 1992, although current Intel Mac users can run the latest Windows version of AutoCAD unsupported using Boot Camp or virtualization software such as Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion.