iMovie HD 6 No Longer Available For Download

iMovie HD 6, previously available as a free download for iLife '08 users, has been removed from Apple's site.

The application, which had been part of the iLife '06 suite, was made available amidst public outcry after a complete rewrite of the application as iMovie '08 resulted in the loss of a number of features that users had come to rely on. iMovie HD 6 was available through Apple's site to users with a valid iLife '08 installation for nearly a year and a half, but has disappeared in a move presumably related to the arrival of iLife '09. The new iLife suite includes iMovie '09, a significant update to the much-criticized iMovie '08.

Update: Several readers have noted that, although Apple has removed their page for the iMovie HD 6 download, a direct download of the DMG remains available.

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95 months ago
FWIW, iMovie 06 HD works under OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. Just tried it not that long ago to edit some older footage/project files.

The only gotcha I found was that it had some issues running if I installed it after putting iLife 11 on the new install. So make sure to install it first before iLife 11.
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