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IDG: Jobs Expected to Give Macworld Keynote [Updated: Uncertain]

Businessweek's Arik Hesseldahl spoke with VP at IDG World Expo Paul Kent, who assured him that Steve Jobs was expected to speak at Macworld San Francisco's keynote and that a joint announcement was coming soon.

"We haven't made the announcement yet. We usually do this in concert with Apple... I have no reason to believe that plans are not moving ahead," for Jobs to speak.

Steve Jobs has traditionally given the Macworld Expo keynote speech during which new products and plans are revealed. The lack of an official announcement has generated some interest and concern about the event. Hesseldahl points out that Jobs absence at a Macworld keynote would be seen "as a bad thing."

Update: Businessweek has since updated the article with this statement:

Now Paul Kent is clarifying his statement. Here it is verbatim: "We haven't made an announcement yet. We hope to in the next two weeks," Rather than clearing the picture up, it just got muddy again.