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iPod Touch Gaming Ad Shakes Things Up

Adage points to a major new ad campaign from Apple which is currently running on Apple's latest web ad goes outside the usual bounds of traditional banner ads by affecting other portions of Yahoo's page (the ad must be initiated by the visitor).

Apple's newest online ad has a pretty cool media placement -- something that we're starting to see more and more. Its agency, TBWA/Media Arts Lab, created an iPhone ad for Yahoo Games, where the iPhone action -- in this case, gameplay -- begins to move all the elements on the page.

A sample of the ad is embedded below:

Besides the uniqueness of ad placement, it also demonstrates that Apple is continuing to push the iPod Touch as a gaming platform. Games continue to be the largest portion of the App Store and one iPhone game (Fieldrunners) was even chosen by Time Magazine as one of the Top 10 games of 2008. covers the emerging iPhone and iPod Touch gaming scene which has seen some recent notable releases including Dropship (Ngmoco), Hero of Sparta (Gameloft), and Centipede (Atari).