Aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pros Spotted?

AppleInsider provides some reassurances that MacBook and MacBook Pro updates must be imminent with the new models having reportedly been spotted by sources.

The new 13" MacBooks, 15" MacBook Pros and 17" MacBook Pros are said to share similar Aluminum-based look "as if they were members of the same product family". The current MacBooks and MacBook Pro are very distinct from one another with the MacBook housed in a white or black plastic enclosure.

Again, the new designs were described as a cross between the 13-inch MacBook Air introduced this January and the aluminum iMacs that made their debut during the summer of 2007. In its April report, AppleInsider noted this would include a trimming -- or tapering -- around the edges and instances of black material to contrast the largely aluminum motif of the new notebooks.

In an effort to further reduce the notebook footprint, the new MacBook Pro is said to be eliminating the Firewire 400 port and the 28-pin DVI-I (Dual Link) port. Instead, the cases will contain the smaller (but still backward compatible) Firewire 800 port and "what appears to be" a mini-DVI port.

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