Teleport VNC Client Allows Remote Access to Your Computer [Lite Version Now Free

Update: The developer has changed the price to free since this story was originally published and has been changed to reflect that.

Jugaari has released a free "lite" version of their remote desktop application called Teleport Lite [Free, App Store]. The regular version of Teleport [$24.99, App Store] has been in the App Store for a number of weeks and provides a more feature rich version. Both applications are VNC clients that allow you to remotely connect to your Mac or PC from your iPhone.

While Teleport is not the first VNC client for the iPhone, it has received very positive reviews amongst members of our App Store forum. Teleport represents an evolution of the popular TouchPadPro Jailbroken application.

The free Teleport Lite version limits the user to only mouse movement input (no clicks), while the full version offers full mouse and keyboard control, including keystroke combinations. The free version allows you to test the configuration and see how well it works before before committing the $24.99.

Jugaari provides detailed instructions on setting up your Mac or PC for remote access as well as a troubleshooting guide.

Those interested in controlling just a Windows PC can also consider Carter Harrison's WinAdmin [$11.99, App Store] which is a Windows Remote Desktop Protocol client for the iPhone.

App Store links:

Teleport Lite: Free
Teleport: $24.99
WinAdmin: $11.99