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Apple Completes MobileMe Mail Service Restoration

Apple has reported on their MobileMe status blog that they have now restored Mail service, including historical messages, to all of those affected by the MobileMe mail outage.

Thank you all for your extreme patience during this trying time. If you have been affected by this issue and are still having problems we have established a dedicated chat line to reach a MobileMe Mail specialist to discuss your problem. Please use this line for Mail issues only. By completing this restoration of Mail services, we hope we have put the vast majority of MobileMe Mail problems behind us and can now focus on improving other aspects of this new ambitious service.

The blog author, now known as David, also acknowledges a sync bug that may have caused contact and calendar data to temporarily disappear from users' iPhones on Monday. This bug has since been resolved and more details posted.

This will hopefully mark the end of the rocky MobileMe rollout which resulted in an extended email outage for 1% of MobileMe customers. Ongoing discussion about MobileMe can be directed into our MobileMe forums.