Unsubsidized iPhone 3G Still Locked

AT&T confirmed another tidbit that many assumed true, but again it's nice to hear the official word. Despite suggestions that the unsubsidized iPhone 3G ($599, $699) would be "decoupled" from AT&T, a spokesperson has confirmed that the unsubsidized iPhone 3G will still be locked to AT&T.

But both contract and contract-free phones will be "locked" to work only on AT&T's network, and the monthly service plans available will be the same, said AT&T spokesman Michael Coe.

This means U.S. customers who wish to unlock their iPhone 3G will have to wait for a publicly available solution.

As has been stated before, the iPhone 3G will be unable to use T-Mobile's 3G data network, so the only practical reason for unlocking of the iPhone 3G in the U.S. is for international travel.