Apple Ships Final Cut Server

Apple is now shipping Final Cut Server.

For the past few months weve been using a beta of Final Cut Server to manage our entire workflow pipeline, 24/7, and it held up beautifully, said Evan Schechtman, CTO of Radical Media. Best of all, Final Cut Server integrates seamlessly with our home-grown solutions so its actually adding new value to systems weve relied on for years.

Announced nearly one year ago at the 2007 NAB conference, Final Cut Server provides professional asset management with tight integration with Final Cut Studio. The product was originally scheduled to ship in "Summer 2007" but has seen extensive delays.

Final Cut Server is available immediately through the Apple Store, Apples retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers for $999 (US) for one server and 10 concurrent client licenses, and $1,999 (US) for one server and unlimited client licenses.