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T-Mobile Germany Offering Subsidized iPhones with 2 Year Contract

Fscklog reports (another report) that T-Mobile Germany is starting to offer substantial discounts on 8GB iPhones when purchased with a 2 year service contract.

The 8GB iPhone normally costs 399 euro, but depending on the service plan you sign up for, you could get it for a 300 euro discount. The special prices are as follows:

249 euro iPhone with Complete S
199 euro iPhone with Complete M
149 euro iPhone with Complete L
99 euro iPhone with Complete XL

The offer is good only between April 7th and June 30th and the 16GB iPhone remains at 499 euro. The changes have not yet been reflected on T-Mobile's site. This move to introduce subsidized iPhone pricing is interesting, in light of early beliefs that Apple prohibited the practice to avoid reducing the perceived value of the phone. For what it's worth, we've heard that iPhone sales in Germany have been disappointing.

The news comes amidst reports of iPhone shortages in the U.S.