MacBook Airs Trickling In, Apple Stores, SSD

The first of the pre-orders for the MacBook Air are starting to trickle in, but with the bulk of early-orders expected to arrive on Friday.

First delivery

The 5th Avenue Apple store in NYC already had the MacBook Air on display, and even had an SSD version of the MacBook Air. A couple of users have posted their first impressions from that encounter: brief hands on with SSD, another first impression. Most Apple Stores are expected to have display models starting Friday.

5th Avenue Apple Store

Due to the high level of interest in the MacBook Air, we've created a new sub forum: MacBook Air Forum for readers to post their questions, impressions, photos and discuss Apple's newest laptop.

Other threads of interest: U.S. Readers waiting for deliver, European readers waiting for delivery.

More unboxing photos at

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