The Other (Bigger) Market for the MacBook Air

As a follow up to the 3g Deal Breaker article, I thought I'd write some additional thoughts about the MacBook Air, and some reconsideration of my initial reaction.

Traditionally, the "sub-notebook" class of machine has tended to be marketed at the power-user, so that's how many of the media approached the MacBook Air... but that may have been the wrong way to look at it. In speaking to Xavier of, he mentioned (and later wrote about) how that the MacBook Air instantly appealed to his wife, who is normally less than thrilled at the prospect of Xavier getting new hardware:

I didnt bother to consider my wifes point of view on the MacBook Air until I got her Facebook status update (secretly hopes Xavier gets the MacBook Air."). But then I started thinking about how this new Mac will appeal to women. Its slim enough to throw in a purse, is stylish and has very few cords, which creates clutter.

There's certainly a class of users who simply don't care about 3G, don't care about hooking up more than one USB peripheral to their MacBook. So, I'll concede that the many bloggers may not be the intended audience for the MacBook Air, and it could very well see wide consumer appeal.

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