December MacUpdate Software Bundle Sale [11th App Added]

Update: 11th Application (iWow 2 - $11.99 value) added for all purchasers of the bundle. Buy Bundle - $49.99.

MacRumors has partnered with MacUpdate to promote their latest Mac application bundle. Bundle sales through these links benefit financially, and provide a way for readers to directly support this site.

The latest bundle delivers up to 10 Mac applications for $49.99 ($646.75 if bought separately) and are detailed here:

Forklift - file manager, FTP client
RapidWeaver - web design software
SwiftPublisher - desktop publishing and layout
Marine Aquarium - virtual aquarium
Xslimmer - save space by reducing application file sizes
MemoryMiner - digital storytelling application
Yep - "iPhoto for your PDFs"
XMIND 2008 Pro - brainstorming, mind mapping
iStabilize - software video stabilizer, remove shaky motion from your videos
PulpMotion - create fun animations

As is typical in these time-limited bundles, several applications are held back as "locked" applications which are not part of the bundle until enough sales are generated. All 10 applications are now available for everyone who has purchased the bundle. Total value of all 10 applications together is $646.75, and can be purchased for $49.99. The sale has been extended until December 20th, with promises of more surprises in store.

Update: All 10 applications (including PulpMotion) are now 'unlocked', which means that all 10 applications are available for the $49.99 price.