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3G iPhone and $1500 'Super Laptop' in 2008

CNBC's Jim Goldman reports on rumors from "a very good source of [his] with good connections to Apple's Asian manufacturing partners."

Goldman has heard that Apple will be making headlines in the next weeks-to-months related to the iPod Touch, iPhone and ultra-portable laptop.

- iPod touch is said to have had its manufacturing increased substantially to 5.1 million units for the holiday shopping season.
- 3G iPhone expected to hit store shelves by May or June.
- Finally, the rumored Ultra portable laptop will arrive at Macworld San Francisco 2008.

On the laptop, the specs differ slightly from circulating rumors, and pegs the price point at $1500:

The blogs have speculated about this, but he says he now has hard evidence that the smallest laptop ever from Apple is only weeks away. He says the device will feature a 12-inch screen and will be 50 percent thinner--and lighter--than current versions of the MacBook Pro. He says the product will not have a hard-drive, but rely on Flash memory instead and likely retail for around $1,500.

Previous rumors of the ultra-portable laptop have described it as a 13" aluminum sub-notebook. A video clip of his segment is also available. Apple, of course, declined to comment on rumors. Macworld San Francisco kicks off on January 15th with a keynote speech from Steve Jobs. As always, MacRumors will be providing live coverage.

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