Steve Jobs Interested in Wi-Fi Sharing

AppleInsider reports that Steve Jobs recently met with founder Martin Varsavsky about FON, a company that is trying to provide "WiFi for Everyone". Steve Jobs was reportedly "very interested" in FON's technology and service.

FON is described as the largest WiFi community in the world and works by offering users a community WiFi router that allows individuals to securely share their internet connection. In exchange for setting up this public WiFi node, you are allowed to use other FON users WiFi spots around the world.

"I really think [Jobs] liked the idea of FON. I think he loves the idea of a world where people share WiFi. That I could tell," Varsavsky said. "I think he would like for there to be an opporunity for everyone to share WiFi."

FON addresses security concerns by separating the connection into an encrypted private and public network.

Apple is likely interested in the possibility of a public Wifi network for use with its iPhone and iPod touch devices.