Mac OS X Leopard Launch Events

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Tokyo, Japan

Apple Leopard launch events kicked off today, and have made their way around the globe. posts a gallery from the Leopard launch in Rome. Pictured above is the line for the Apple Store in Tokyo, Japan.

As of this writing, the east cost of the U.S. is about to hit 6 p.m. as people line up for their free T-Shirts and copies of Leopard. While many received their pre-orders of Leopard today, some saw unexpected FedEx delays -- the delays were reportedly at the request of Apple to push delivery closer to the 6 p.m. launch time.

Readers are posting their first impressions with Leopard into this thread in our OS X forums.

A large collection of impressions have also been posted by Engadget, including:

- Install took 3.3GB of space on top of existing data
- If you have multiple browser windows open in different spaces and applications with links... if you click a link, it'll open in the browser in your space, not in the browser in another space.
- Mail is DEFINITELY faster in a lot of our folders containing thousands of messages.
- Leopard supports A2DP
- Terminal has themes
- Coverflow works for fonts.

Update: posts gallery from the London launch of Leopard.

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