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Free iPhone SIM Unlocking Software Available (iUnlock)

The folks over at iPhone Dev Wiki posted a free SIM unlock tool for the iPhone. Similar to the other solutions, this software-only solution should allow you to SIM unlock your iPhone, allowing you to use any GSM cell phone carrier. In the U.S. this limits your alternative choice to T-Mobile (over AT&T), but in other countries, GSM carriers are far more common.

The software is being mirrored (Gizmodo mirror) by a number of locations along with downloadable source code. Tutorials are still being developed but some early instructions have become available. At this time the instructions are not very user-friendly, so casual users may want to wait until a more automated solution is published.

More download links and information has been compiled in this forum thread by ascham87.

A few commercial solutions had previously been made available, ranging from $50-$100 per unlock.