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MacHeist Software Bundle Ending This Weekend

The final software bundle for the MacHeist scavenger hunt was announced earlier this week and is on sale until Sunday night. So, this weekend is the last chance to take advantage of this sale.

The final Mac software bundle ($49) includes the following Mac applications: Delicious Library, ShapeShifter, DEVONThink Personal, Disco, RapidWeaver, iClip 4, a Pangea game, Newsfire and Textmate. The total value of the applications purchased individually comes to $307.74.

The promotion has generated a significant amount of controversy amongst Mac developers.

Against: Gus Mueller, Rouge Amoeba
Pro: Will Shipley, Oliver Breidenbach

The debate essentially boils down to the perceived value in giving away applications at significantly discounted prices and the shifting of revenue to the Macheist team. As linked above, however, the developers participating in the promotion appear pleased with the results at this early stage.
Update: Originally Textmate was to be locked until $100,000 in charity was raised, but it appears they have unlocked it early, so it is now available to all purchasers.