Apple Flash-Booting MacBooks?

AppleInsider reports that Intel demonstrated their upcoming NAND flash-based laptops at their Developer Forum:

At the forum, Intel mobility chief Sean Maloney conducted a demonstration in which he booted two PCs, one with 256MB of flash memory, and the other without. The PC with flash booted in about half the time.

The advantages of incorporating Flash-memory into the laptops reportedly include faster booting, wake from sleep, application launching and longer battery life.

According to Appleinsider, Apple has been working with Intel to incorporate NAND flash into next-generation MacBooks sometime in 2007. Before this feature is introduced, however, the rumor site still expects (non-Flash based) MacBook and MacBook Pro revisions before the end of the year.

Rumors of Apple looking into this Flash-caching techology has previously been reported with claims that they may go into an "ultra-portable" laptop by Macworld San Francisco in January, 2007.