Merom Laptops Delayed Until 2007?

The Inquirer believes that, contrary to previous rumors, Apple notebooks using Intel's Core 2 Duo mobile variant code-named "Merom" may be delayed until 2007 due to supply issues at Intel.

...Woodcrest is getting the lion's share of production, over 70% of Xeons will be new. Conroe is next in line with 20+%, followed by a syphilitic trickle of Meroms... What this means is Apple is faced with putting out laptops that have cases made of real unobtanium, or they can wait and roll it out right. Since it is mole migration season, I have been asking many of the little critters streaming past my house, and they all say that iMeromBooks are a 2007 product.

While the Inquirer seems to have a decent track record of Intel rumors, its Apple track record continues to be suspect, so take this one with a grain of salt. Of note, the entire iMac line was upgraded to include Merom chips yesterday.