Gisele B

One visitor to Apple's Tampa Bay International Plaza store has posted images to his flickr stream from what appear to be three new Get A Mac ads shown in-store. The ads have not appeared as of yet online or on the air, however the user describes the ads via his website as the following:

1) A unkempt cross-dresser stands with "the PC" while Gisele Bndchen stands with "the Mac" (symbolizing the design of the computers? Update: According to one report received by MacRumors, this ad may refer to iMovie and its capabilities rather than computer design.)
2) Both the PC and Mac characters dress in suits. "The PC ends up on the floor in this one"
3) The "PC" and "Mac" go to counseling to resolve their differences

Gisele Bndchen's involvement in Apple's ad campaign had been previously rumored.