Magnesium iPod? PowerMacs at WWDC?

American Technology Research Analyst, Shaw Wu, echoes sentiments that the new iPod nano will come in a new metal enclosure. Shaw Wu, however, specifically states that the new iPod nano cases will be made of magnesium rather than the aluminum. According to Wu, the new magnesium nanos are expected by October of this year.

While there had been rumors of Apple using magnesium alloys for their laptops in the past, one notable computer enclosure built with magnesium was the NeXT Cube. In 1993, NeXTWORLD's Simson Garfinkel documented his (extensive) efforts at setting a NeXT Cube on fire. (image)

Meanwhile, Wu also reiterates that the Intel PowerMac revision is expected at WWDC on August 7th. He also holds out hope for more to come:

Apple has already announced that it will preview Mac OS X 10.5. Mr. Wu says "With respect to Steve Jobs' track record and element of surprise, we are prepared to see something that no one anticipated."

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